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SHELLSOFT is the Best Web Hosting Company in Bangladesh. We provide pure SSD Hosting and managed VPS servers at cheap rates. We also provide super fast and secured corporate Email Hosting for SME to Large scale Companies. To make the web hosting affordable to all, our package price starts from Tk.2000/Year, which is an unbeatable price among the List of Domain Hosting service provider companies in 2022. We not only sell Domain Hosting in Bangladesh but also provide Web Design and Development Services. Our web servers are 99.99% uptime guaranteed. Our data centers are located in the USA, UK, and Japan. You can choose any of our data centers while purchasing web hosting. We are a bulk scale domain reseller in Bangladesh.


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Per Year
  • 1 GB Server Space
  • 10 GB Bandwidth
  • 5 Database (My SQL)
  • 10 E-mail Accounts
  • Basic Training
  • Unlimited Email Forwarder
  • 1 Sub Domain
1 GB Hosting


Per Year
  • 2 GB Server Space
  • 20 GB Bandwidth
  • 10 Database (My SQL)
  • 20 E-mail Accounts
  • Basic Training
  • Unlimited Email Forwarder
  • 2 Sub Domain
2 GB Hosting


Per Year
  • 3 GB Server Space
  • 30 GB Bandwidth
  • 15 Database (My SQL)
  • 30 E-mail Accounts
  • Basic Training
  • Unlimited Email Forwarder
  • 3 Sub Domain
3 GB Hosting


Per Year
  • 5 GB Server Space
  • 50 GB Bandwidth
  • 20 Database (My SQL)
  • 50 E-mail Accounts
  • Basic Training
  • Unlimited Email Forwarder
  • 5 Sub Domain
5 GB Hosting


Per Year
  • 10 GB Server Space
  • 100 GB Bandwidth
  • Unlimited Database (My SQL)
  • Unlimited E-mail Accounts
  • Basic Training
  • Unlimited Email Forwarder
  • 10 Sub Domain
10 GB Hosting


Per Year
  • 20 GB Server Space
  • 200 GB Bandwidth
  • Unlimited Database (My SQL)
  • Unlimited E-mail Accounts
  • Basic Training
  • Unlimited Email Forwarder
  • 20 Sub Domain
20 GB Hosting

All of Our Web Hosting Packages Includes:

Best Hosting Provider in Bangladesh

Latest cPanel Included
Pure SSD Servers
Best Web Design Company in Dhaka Bangladesh
Best Web Hosting Company in Dhaka Bangladesh
Best Web Design Company in Dhaka Bangladesh
Best Web Design Company in Dhaka Bangladesh
Best SSL Certificate Provider in Bangladesh
Best Web Design Company in Dhaka, Bangladesh

Factors to Consider before buying Web Hosting Services in Bangladesh

1. Hosting Space

Choosing the perfect hosting space is an important consideration. Most of the Hosting providers in Bangladesh have different Hosting plans according to Hosting Disk Spaces and Resources allocation. The plans are different according to the server space and hosting features. Research your needs first. Which type of hosting plan is suitable for you. New website users or small businesses may use the starter plan. Most of the starter plans are cheap and reasonable in price. If you have a Larger website with Lots of visitors, must select the higher hosting plan.

2. Monthly Bandwidth

When a visitor visits your website on a browser, the data is transferred to the browser from the server. Similarly, if a user performs any activities on the website, like login, and signing up, the data is stored on the server. The bandwidth is the maximum data interchange between server and browser within a specific time period. Sometimes, the website may be down due to bandwidth exceeding. Before purchasing any hosting plan, think about the bandwidth Limit. We are the best web hosting company in Dhaka, Bangladesh, providing 10 times bandwidth with all of our hosting plans. Which is sufficient enough compared to the hosting spaces.

3. Number of Email Accounts

Domain-based email communication is a smart way for any business. It increases the credibility of the business. Most of the hosting providers allocate free domain base webmail facilities. Double-check the number of email accounts before making a purchase decision. Generally, a small to medium enterprise needs at least 10 email accounts. So, the provider beginner package must have 10 email account creation facilities.

4. Purchase Price and Renewal Free

You have to select a suitable hosting plan according to your budget. So, review the price first. Web hosting has renewal fee of monthly or annually. Ask for the renewal price beside your purchase price. Some web hosting providers craft their plan at the cheapest price for the 1st Year. But the renewal price is very high. You may fall into the trap in the 2nd year of subscription. If you are not aware of that policy game you will lose your money. There is no hidden charge in SHELLSOFT TECHNOLOGIES Price and the renewal price is also the same as the purchase price.

5. Hosting Control Panel (cPanel)

cPanel is the most popular web hosting management software. It is a powerful tool to manage and enjoy seamless hosting features. You can upload and set up your web development CMS here. Email management, add-on domain, and sub-domain can be created and deleted using cPanel. It also provides the hosting specification and technical data. Till 2018 cPanel was free and open-source software. Now, cPanel imposes yearly renewal free. So, most hosting companies stop providing free cPanel with their hosting panel.

6. Server Uptime

Server uptime is a big issue for website users. The uptime means the average time your website is Live for a given period of time. If your server is down for a while, visitors can not access your website. Consequently, you lose potential customers. Due to server down, visitors can underestimate your company hierarchy and trust your services. Always look for a 100% uptime server. But 99.99% uptime servers are also fine. Most of the providers mention the server uptime information in their hosting packages.

7. Customer Support System

A web hosting business is basically a customer support-oriented business. Whether you forgot your username or password, unconscious deletion of your web content. Don’t worry it is all about the support of your hosting provider. Before getting started, think about the company’s customer support system. If you face trouble with your hosting, Then, request your provider for troubleshooting. You must receive the support instantly. You are not ready to wait for hours to get any support. Those who have Live Chat support or mobile support, consider them as your Best Web Hosting Company in Dhaka, Bangladesh.

8. Refund Policy

If you are in a trap of the wrong provider. You must have an escape policy indeed. If you have a 15 days or 30 days money-back policy with your provider, it’s great. If you feel unhappy with their products or services, you can terminate your order without Losing your money. The provider, who has a great hosting server and outstanding customer support, must have a money-back policy. The belief is that no one will claim money-back being dissatisfied with their services and support.

9. Website Backup system

Your hosting provider must have a scheduled backup system for daily, weekly, or monthly. This backup may help you in the worst case. If your site is hacked by a potential hacker, you can restore your website instantly. If they Don’t have a backup policy. You need to think more about the provider. Every web hosting has a manual backup system. Take your own backup and use them in case of emergency.

10. Physical Office

Some hosting providers do not have their physical offices. They provide support virtually. But a reputed company must have a well-equipped physical office. Sometimes you have to visit their office for some instances. Before buying their services try to understand their organizational strength. Physical office address and support manpower. Physical office denotes the credibility of a company. Also take support from a reputed company, who are providing similar services for a Long time. SHELLSOFT is the Best Web Hosting company in Dhaka, Bangladesh providing Web Hosting services for more than 9 years.

11. Space to Grow

Suppose you are using a tiny plan. After some days you need to upgrade your plan. But if your provider has no up-graduation plan, you will be the worst sufferer. You need to scale your hosting at any time during your billing cycle. Your provider must have the policy to scale your plan anytime. This saves you from buying a high priced hosting package initially. To do so, you must understand your actual needs.

12. Resource Limitations

Every hosting plan has some resource Limit. For example, the most popular hosting account has a file usage limit of up to 3,00,000. You cannot store the file on your cPanel account for more than this Limit. There may be a sub-domain and addon domain Limit. If you want to host multiple domains on your hosting account, you must consider this Limit. There may be a maximum email transfer daily Limit on the server. The maximum file upload Limit is a common feature of every hosting account. So, thoroughly check these Limits before making a purchase decision.

Why SHELLSOFT is the Best Domain Hosting Service Provider Company in Bangladesh?

1. Powerful Xenon 24 Cores Servers

Server Quality is a vital consideration for any Web Hosting. Overall website performance and speed depend on it. An SEO-friendly website loading time of less than 5 seconds is desirable. We use Powerful Xenon 24 Cores Servers and Inter Original Power Edge Processors for all of our web servers. The more cores a server has, the more performance you get. Our 24-core server always assures us to deliver high performance while Loading your websites. We have the best hosting servers in Bangladesh.

2. 99.99% Uptime Guaranteed Server

Whether it is a personal or corporate website, server uptime really matters. If your website is not always on uptime, they think your site is expired or hacked. They can not get back to your website. So, you must lose your repeated visitors. Also, the downtime server can not rank on google. We assure to maintain 99.99% uptime for all of our servers. Our server uptime is tested with so many hosting users in Bangladesh. We are the Best Web Hosting Company in Dhaka, Bangladesh.

3. 24/7 Customer Supports

Efficient customer support is the motto of our service. If you lost your passwords or have trouble operating your hosting accounts, our 24/7 support team is always with you. We are always committed to troubleshooting your Hosting accounts in the shortest possible time. You can always chat with our customer support executives through our 24/7 Live Chat features on our website. Our hotline numbers are always open for ensuring efficient customer support.

4. Unbeatable Price in Bangladesh

Cost-effective and reliable services are the thrust of any customer. Beginner or small business owners are also looking for the cheapest web hosting to get started. Keeping this behavior in mind, we have furnished our Web Hosting Packages affordable to all classes of clients. Our web hosting package starts from Tk.2000/Year. We are giving 1GB Web Hosting at this lower cost. Our Package prices are unbeatable and unparalleled all over Bangladesh.

5. Deliver Quality Services in Time

We always believe in prompt service inception. Whatever we provide, we provide with quality and Trust.  We always try to deliver our services very soon after placing an order by any potential customers. Generally, we register a domain within 1 minute of order. We are able to activate a Hosting server within 2 minutes. Our service quality makes us the Best Web Hosting Company in Dhaka, Bangladesh. We hand over the hosting cPanel very soon after activation of the hosting account.

6. Dedicated After-Sales Supports

We are a service-oriented company. Customer support is considered the heart of any service provider. Not only do we sell Domain Hosting, but also we assure to deliver dedicated after-sales support for resolving any customer’s needs. We have expert support engineers to connect you always to ensure ultimate customer satisfaction. For our corporate customers, we have a 24/7 online support policy.

7. More than 500+ Websites Nationwide

We have been delivering the best Domain Hosting services in Bangladesh for more than 9 years. SHELLSOFT has more than 500+ active websites all over Bangladesh. We have hosted so many websites including portfolios, Businesses, Group of Companies, Institutions, and E-commerce web portals as well. Our hosting users are more comfortable using our web servers. We are the fast-growing company providing Domain Hosting Services in Bangladesh.

8. US-Based Web Server

Server location directly impacts website speed.  Most of the powerful and secured servers are located in the United States of America(USA). SHELLSOFT provides US-based web servers. We use original Intel Poweredge Processors to assure high-performance websites. We also use Content Delivery Network(CDN) to speed up web performance. Although US servers are a little bit costly, their returns on investment(ROI) are very high.

9. Flexible Payment Systems

Payments flexibility is an important threshold advancement in our company. Keeping the smooth and easy payment system in mind, we accept Mastercard, Bank Transfer, Bkash, Rocket, and Nagad payments to buy any of our services. We also accept hand cash while placing an order. We have recently launched the Bangla QR payment gateway system from SSLCOMMERZ. You can pay your bill by simply scanning the QR Code placed on our website.

10. Operated By a Group of Company

SHELLSOFT TECHNOLOGIES is a concern of SHELLMARK GROUP. Its Financial and organizational strength inherits from our mother Group. SHELMARK comprises 5 Sister concerns successfully operating their business in Bangladesh over the decades. So, we are capable of handling any size of ICT project at our own cost. We also have business collaboration with international business organizations.

11. Free Domain Hosting Transfer

If you are not satisfied with your current provider, you can migrate to us easily. Domain Hosting Transfer to us is completely free and we never charge for it. SHELLSOFT is the Best Web Hosting Company in Dhaka, Bangladesh to Transfer your website without any hustle. If you want to transfer out your web hosting from us, we will have full support to proceed with the transfer process smoothly.

Our Domain Hosting Services FAQs:

Top Domain Hosting Company in Bangladesh

1. What is web hosting?

Web Hosting is a virtual disk space in which all your web contents are stored. When visitors visit your website, the stored contents are displayed through a Database connection. The required hosting spaces depend on the web content you want to store on it. If you use webmail, the mail communication data is also stored on it. There are different Web Hosting i.e Shared Hosting, VPS Server, and Dedicated Servers. You can purchase a suitable hosting type as per your requirements. Sheard Hosting is comparatively cheaper than VPS or Dedicated Servers.

2. What is pure SSD Hosting?

SSD stands for Solid State Drive. It is one kind of Linux web Hosting hard drive with cloud-enabled facilities. SSD servers are much faster and more secure than an HDD. It can store data in its semiconductor cell between 1 bit to 4 bits. It acts as a flash drive for hosting servers. We are the Best Pure SSD Web Hosting Provider in Bangladesh.

3. What is your popular Hosting Package?

We have a variety of Web Hosting Packages at affordable costs for all types of customers. We have six hosting packages in our company. Hosting package-01 is the cheapest and most popular Hosting package. If you purchase a lower Hosting Package and want to migrate to the upper package, you can do it at any time of your billing cycle. We are the Best Web Hosting Company in Bangladesh.

4. Why is your Web Hosting the best?

The number of server cores and the use of processor types are the key factors of Hosting performance. The Secondary issue is the location of the server. We have 24 cores and use the original power edge processor in all of our servers. Most of the companies use 16 core servers in Bangladesh. We also assure efficient and friendly customer support. Super-fast web speed and dedicated customer support make us the Best Web Hosting Company in Dhaka, Bangladesh.

5. How to order your Web Hosting?

You can order our Web Hosting Services by a number of methods. We have 6 Web Hosting Packages in our Company. Visit our website and click on the WEB HOSTING from our Services dropdown menu. Click any of our hosting packages and select the Web Hosting radio button. Finally, click on the Submit Button to place an order to get the hosting activated instantly. You can also order our Web Hosting Services by making a call on our hotline number. Also, can place an order through our Live Chat section.

6. How to pay for your services?

We have a number of flexible payment methods. You can pay through Bank Transfer, Bkash, Rocket, Credit Card, etc. We are also accepting Cash Payments for all of our services. You have to visit our office for Cash Payment. We can also send our representatives to collect the cash from your location upon request. This service is only applicable within Dhaka City. In case of cash payment service will be activated upon receipt of cash.

7. Do you provide a control panel?

The Control Panel is shortly termed as cPanel. It was first introduced by cPanel LLC in 1996. This panel gives you seamless features for managing your web hosting. Yes, we always provide a hosting control panel to all of our customers, so that they can manage their hosting accounts by their own panel. You can create email addresses, sub-domains, Website Databases, and many more using the cPanel. Your overall hosting performance and allocation statistics are clearly displayed here.

8. Where are your servers located?

All of our servers are located in the United States (US). US servers are very fast and secure in the world. Server location is directly related to web speed. If your visitor is in Japan and your server is located in the US, the website takes a little bit more time to load. If you use Content Delivery Network(CDN) for your website, the issue can be solved.

9. Do you have a Money Back Guarantee?

We have only Money Back Guarantee with our Web Design & Development Packages. Web Hosting Services is fully prepaid and no money back is applicable for it. We are the Best Web Hosting Company in Dhaka, Bangladesh. We assure to maintain the highest quality and customer support, so, you do not need to cancel your order anymore. If you change your mind to cancel Web Hosting, you can rebate the money by purchasing our other services.

10. Do you offer a virus scanner?

Virus and malware attract are the burning thread for a website. Our hosting cPanel includes a full website virus and malware scanner. You can detect and remove potentially harmful malware through your Hosting cPanel. Most of the Viruses and Malware enter your website codes through the use of null themes and free plugins. Carefully use the free plugins and CMS Themes to avoid unusual viral attract.

11. Can I change my Domain Name?

No, the Domain name is unchangeable. If you want to change your domain name, you have to buy a new one. Thoroughly research before buying a domain and double-check your requirements. It is not necessary to have a domain exactly with your niche. An exact match domain is not a strong SEO signal. You can optimize any type of domain with your focus keywords.

12. Do you have any Domain Transfer fees at your Company?

No, Domain transfer to us is completely free of cost. We never charge for it. If you are not satisfied with your current provider, you are just 2 clicks away to transfer it to us. To transfer your Domain, unlock it from your current provider and provide us with the Authentication/EPP code. Your domain will be transferred to us within the possible shortest time. Transfer out is also free to us. You are always free to move to another provider anytime.

13. Do you register dot .bd Domain?

Dot .bd domain is the country-level top domain extension for Bangladesh. It can only be purchased from Bangladesh Telecommunication Company Limited(BTCL).  We are the BTCL-certified company for Registration of dot .bd Domain. We can register a dot .bd domain within 2 working days. Different types of dot .bd domains required different types of legal papers to submit. Dot .bd domain can be registered for a minimum of 2 years to a maximum of 10 Years.

14. What documents are required to buy a .bd domain?

Some hard documents are required for the registration of a .bd domain depending on the types of organizations. For a company, trade License or incorporation certificates are required. For Govt. Authority needs to upload NOC from concerned Authorities. An Educational Institution or University needs an approval letter from UGC or Concern Board. BTCL reserves the right to cancel any domain application without showing any prior notice.

15. Do you have Online Support?

Yes, we have an online support through both in website 24/7 Live chat services and email support. We also provide support through our hotline numbers. Ensuring the best customer support is our core motto. We generally solve the issue within an hour. In most cases, we provide customer support instantly.

16. Do you have Online Support?

No, we don’t have any hidden charges for our services. We are Loyal to disclose all of our charges at the time of your purchase of our services. All the support around the year is also included with our Web Hosting Packages.

17. Do you provide VPS Hosting &Dedicated Servers?

Yes, we have managed VPS servers for SME to medium scale Data users and corporate companies. We also provide Dedicated servers to Large Scale data users and big-size Organizations. The Cost of VPS is slightly higher than the shared hosting. Dedicated servers are more expensive and cannot be afford by the mid-size user. Both servers provide high data security and privacy.

18. Do you have customized Name servers?

Yes, our hosting control panels have customized name servers. To get connected with our name servers use and Generally, it takes 1 hour to 24 hours to propagate the nameservers. So, please have patience while your nameservers are getting activated.

19. Do you have subdomains and add on domains?

All of our hosting packages include subdomains and add-on domains. Sometimes it is required to create a subdomain or addon domain to host different web pages under the same hosting accounts. Our different packages allocate a different number of subdomain and addon domain creation facilities.

20. Does your Hosting bandwidth exceed?

The bandwidth limit is an important issue for shared web hosting. The website will remain closed or inaccessible if bandwidth is exceeded. Generally, we allocate 10 times Bandwidth with all of your hosting packages compared to the disk spaces. Without special usage, Bandwidth Limit never exceeds our servers.

21. Which CMS does your Hosting server support?

Our hosting server supports so many CMS, Like WordPress, Jomla, Abantecart, Open cart, Dolphin, Concrete CMS, Oxwall, Laravell etc.

22. What is your Billing Cycle?

Our Billing cycle is annually. But depending on the customer’s demand we can biannually or semiannually.

23. CanI install Softaculous Apps in cPanel?

Yes, we have built inSoftaculous Apps Installer in all of our hosting cPanels. You can install it with 1 Click.

24. CanI install Softaculous Apps in cPanel?

Unlimited hosting is a myth. We provide unlimited hosting but have some resource Limitations Like file usage, inode limit, CPU usage, etc.

25. Can I upgrade my Hosting Package?

Yes, you can upgrade your hosting packages at any time of your billing cycle. We never impose an extra service charge for it. But you have to pay the amount of Hosting space increase for the rest month of the next billing date.

26. Do You Offer Discounts?

Yes, we offer some discounts round the year. To see our Latest discounts please visit the special Discount Tab at our website.