You can manage your industry efficiently , from anyplace in the world using our industry management software.We cover the following modules and many more.

Covering Areas:

  • Requisition & Purchase
  • Stock and Inventory
  • Client Management
  • order placement and sell
  • Usage and Production
  • Marketing and Delivery
  • Client, Supplier and service provider
  • Employee Management
  • Report generation and printing
  • Accounts
  • Administrative
  • Order Placement


  • Attractive and user friendly interface using latest technology.
  • Multiple user and multi terminal support with appropriate security mechanism.
  • Dynamic searching facilities on stored data.
  • No chance of data loss as data is hosted in remove server.
  • Global roaming ensuring online access from any place in the world.
  • Can be accessed from PC, Laptop, Tablet, Mobile etc.
  • Software support both Bangla and English.